Bespoke Hand-drawn Wedding Venue illustrations

A bespoke wedding venue illustration adds a special touch to any wedding set.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed picking up a pencil and drawing, It doesn't matter what I drew I'd spend hours doodling when I was a child. When I got into the design industry back in 2001, I was really keen to start illustrating on a computer and seeing what I could create.

There is something about drawing which is therapeutic, to have a plan and draw until the piece is complete is a satisfying process. When I began creating wedding stationery, venue illustrations were something I naturally began to create as I knew they would add a really nice touch to the finished set.

The first illustration I created for a wedding set, was a Manchester skyline design from the balcony view of The Great john Hotel. This Manchester design is very popular and looks great on an invitation and large seating plan.

I can create a variety of styles for the sets I produce depending on the theme and look of the wedding set. An outlined illustration style has proven to be very popular and these designs look great when they are foiled.

Examples below of Mitton Hall Change the dates, Oddfellows On The Park, King Street Townhouse, Great John Street Hotel and The Pumping House.

Full colour illustrations like the Manchester Skyline, with plenty of depth and detail are a longer process to illustrate. l have created a few detailed illustrations of The Low Wood Bay Hotel in the Lake District, Rockbeare Manor in Exeter and Peckforton Castle in Tarporley.

The Rockbear Manor illustration (above pink) was a commissioned piece, designed as a wedding keepsake gift to match the colours of the couples home so it could be hung on their wall to remember their special day.

Illustrated flowers, plants and maps can also be designed to add a personal touch to your information cards, featuring the details of hotels, car parks, train stations and of course your wedding venue.

The example below is a full tropical illustrative theme featuring wedding venue illustrations of the Manchester Cathedral and Victoria Warehouse as well as a bespoke map design with hotels, parking and wedding venues all printed with copper foil.

If you would like me to illustrate your wedding venue on your Save The Dates or Wedding Invitations, you can choose this as an added option when ordering, or please get in-touch and we can discuss things further.



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