Changing the date of your wedding day?

Due to recent events, many of you are changing the date and need to inform your guests.

COVID-19 has really shaken up the wedding industry and life as we know it. Many couples have been forced to change the date of their special day while were on lockdown and I understand it must be painful for so many couples who have been planning their special day for a year or even longer.

Try not to panic and let it get you down, many wedding venues and suppliers are doing everything they can to ensure you can change the date of your wedding and everything continues to run as smooth as possible.

In the meantime, you may want to inform your guests that your wedding day is still going ahead as planned but the date of your special day has been changed.

Depending on your budget, there are a few ways you can go about letting all your guests know about the new date of your wedding and your plans;


The cheapest option is to write an email to all your guests, but this can be tricky as you may not have all of those email addresses. If you do decide to go down this route I can design a digital change the date invitation which you can email to your guests if you wanted it to look professional.


A great option would be to inform your guests via social media, as most of us are connected to our friends and family via Facebook and Instagram. To do this well, you can either;

1. Write a private message on either or both platforms to all of your guests, this may take sometime depending how many guests you have.

2. Or you can write an update and post it to your profile for everyone to see, then share it with key people to pass around. Perhaps get your bridesmaids involved to give a helping hand and share it also.

To make sharing your update on social media easier and for you to look professional, I have created a variety of social packs which you can download. There are a variety of colour styles to choose from and each pack includes one post and one matching story post with blank spaces so you can add your new wedding date and names to share on Instagram and Facebook as shown below.

Download your social packs here

Print & Post

If you prefer you can have a new Change The Date or Change of Plans Card designed and printed, so you can post them out to your wedding guests.

These can be designed to match your wedding invitations in the same colour theme so they are consistent with your style with a variety of envelope colours and either emailed to you to be printed at home, or professionally printed by me.

I can include special finishes which include foiling in silver, gold or rose gold and wedding venues can be hand-drawn to make your cards more personalised. Below is an example set which were made for a couple who are getting married at Mitton Hall in Clitheroe.

Order Change The Date Cards here

You could send out your Change The Date Cards out in the post and also have a matching set of social posts to use on Instagram and Facebook, tha way you can ensure all your guests are informed and nobody is missed.

It's a strange time for everyone at the moment and luckily we all in this together, but when your wedding day takes place it's going to be an even bigger and better celebration and party I can assure you!

Download your social packs here


Order Change The Date Cards here

Stay safe, stay indoors and if you need my help with anything please get in-touch either here or via Instagram.

I'd be happy to help, Mark.

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